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Six Of The Best School Punishment Stories  by  Louise O. Weston

Six Of The Best School Punishment Stories by Louise O. Weston
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Here is a collection of six of the best short spanking stories, featuring erotic school spanking of mainly girls but also a couple of boys.  In addition to spanking, the stories incorporate paddling and the cane.Comprising nearly 60,000 words and approximately 139 printed pages, this book should appeal to all devotees of spanking, particularly of schoolgirls.The 6 stories are as followsPippa - Such a Good GirlIt was the first week of the new school year, and there was the small matter of the appointment of the new Head Girl.

Without needing to be told that such a shortlist existed, the whole school did seem to assume that sensible, blonde, boyish Pippa, and the rather obvious Jayne, were the only candidates. Both are summoned to the Headmistresss study.Eight Days at St. JudesFriday is the day when punishments are handed out at St. Judes International Institute, a mixed boarding school for all races.

On the first Friday 4 boys and 5 girls are due to be punished for various offences. These included Emily Derry and Vikki Stephens, both prefects who had been caught smoking. All are dealt with severely and aim to keep out of trouble in the future. Can the naughty Emily keep out of trouble?Allisons TestAllison discovers a copy of the history exam that she is due to sit the following day in the common room, and decides to tell her headmistress about it.

Knocking on the heads door late in the evening, she is ordered to return at an appropriate time. However, Allison refuses and is immediately ordered to hold out her hands for a strapping on them.Will I Cry, Sis?Natasha has been in trouble at school and has been summoned to a Discipline Centre. She confides in her sister who has been several times before as she is clearly very worried about the prospectsMia and the HeadmasterThe story starts with Mia being summoned to the headmaster for poor work.

He starts with a spelling test designed to be interspersed with a spanking. This story follows several episodes in young Mias lifePippa - Such a Naughty GirlPippa Harris was in deep trouble again, and she felt it was so unfair. This story is a sequel to Pippa - Such a Good Girl.All characters in these stories are depicted as being over 18.

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