Emotions Depression And Self-Harm (Quick-And-Permanent-Fix Series Book 17) A.W. Cribb


Published: January 19th 2014

Kindle Edition

273 pages


Emotions Depression And Self-Harm (Quick-And-Permanent-Fix Series Book 17)  by  A.W. Cribb

Emotions Depression And Self-Harm (Quick-And-Permanent-Fix Series Book 17) by A.W. Cribb
January 19th 2014 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 273 pages | ISBN: | 8.25 Mb

Please Realise You May be Wearing a MaskFor a lot of people, their sometimes incapacitating ‘emotions’, may be wrapped up or masked within many other situation or scenarios- of which, they may feel, they are locked into. That really is an absolute fact. These ‘situations / scenarios’ are many fold. From simple and uncomplicated recreational habits- to hardened addictions… to relationships that are a dream to be in- or only a wooden box will get you out of… from an occasional drink or two- to seasoned alcoholics… from no confidence- to life-long procrastination… from a few cups-of-coffee- to case-hardened drug-addicts… from self-harm- to suicide.

You may be stuck somewhere in any one or more of these situations- however, ‘you don’t show it’- you are determined ‘not to show it’ to the real world… you hide it from those that are dear to you… you attempt to hide it from yourself… but you can’t anymore!But!

Have no worries- because, at the end of the day, it really does boil all the way down to the fact that every human being in any situation- whatever that may be- is driven by the ‘intensity of the emotion’ that they are experiencing at that exact moment in time … NOTHING MORE - NOTHING LESS.In which case, everybody really does have the choice and opportunity to extinguish… to release… to let-go… to break free from- that ‘emotion intensity’… that ‘situation / scenario’ at that exact moment in time (when that emotion is at its highest) and save ‘themselves / yourself’ from your debilitating, controlling affliction.How do I know?

I have been in many a deep black hole and a couple of times whilst there I really wanted to switch-off my light… permanently. However I dug my way out of those dark places, in fact so far, that I am now … over-the-moon. You can climb the same ladder and take the same flight.Williams handbook is a personal statement and a genuine offer of straight-talking, down-to-earth help, with those pesky-emotions that really pee-off your day … and everybody elses. In any situation, people are driven by the … intensity … of the emotions that they feel at the time…no-more, no-less, guaranteed.

When a situation gets tough, can you stop the intensity that you may feel at the time and within seconds to minutes? EFT Master Practitioner (Energist) Author A.W. Cribb can show you how to bring, very often, permanent relief to any emotion intensity that is debilitating to your life. Learn these very simple techniques in a very short time that will last you a lifetime. YOU WANT CHANGE – YOU’VE FOUND IT

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