Taken a Stranger on the Train by Holly Archer



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Taken  by  a Stranger on the Train by Holly Archer

Taken by a Stranger on the Train by Holly Archer
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Lydia is taking the train to her first day of work, and manages to catch the eye of a stranger. In the middle of the crowded car things start to get steamy when he runs his hands (and more) all over her.This sexy short is 4,000 words long and features explicit sex including anonymous sex in public. All characters 18+.Excerpt:Unfortunately, this was a very noisy train. People were talking, she could hear someone’s music from their headphones, and the train wheels squealed against the tracks.

No way could she make small talk in this environment.She was about to just give up, when she felt his hand start moving at her side. She felt a small stroke on her bum. She gave him a shocked look. It was you! she thought to herself. If it was any other man she would have cried out, or tried to get away from him. She always chose her new partners carefully. She liked to get to know them before she took them home. But this man was different. She didn’t mind his touch. A little surprised by this self-realization, she gave the man a smile.His smile widened and he rotated himself towards her.

He was now at a 45 degree angle from her right side, her right shoulder pressing into the middle of his chest, and his right arm was hidden between her body and the side of the train. He leaned over her and looked in her eyes.Lydia could feel her heart beating faster. She wanted to kiss this stranger, or at least ask his name, but knew that she couldn’t do either at the moment.She felt his hand again, at her waist, pulling on her blouse, trying to untuck it at the front. She looked down and couldn’t believe what she was seeing, but she definitely liked it.He pulled her shirt out enough to be able to slip his hand up inside.

The feeling of his fingers on her stomach sent tingles all through her spine.

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